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Security Research at the University of Trento

Welcome to the webpage on research and teaching in Security and Cryptography at the University of Trento.

Research Topics

Our research topics cover two main important directions:


The members of the Security Group includes people doing computer science, mathematics at the university of Trento and at a local research center FBK.

The DISI Security Group is member the SIG Team working on the definition of the Common Vulnerability Scoring System v3.

Research Outputs (Papers, Tools and Datasets)

Most of our most recent work is available on the WiKi (they are also reported in the individual research topics).

You might be interested also in our Policy Papers and Video.

We also keep a list of our major projects.

Courses and Seminars

Our teaching programme spans the key subjects in the area ranging from security management to cryptography.

  • Professional courses: the CVSS Training offers a one-day training course on the use and interpretation of the third revision of Common Vulnerability Scoring System (See above)

CTF Project

We have a local team of students at the department that train and participate to CTF competitions. We participate to Cyberchallenge.IT If you want to join or know more about it please visit the CTF section.


You can use an email alias security AT disi DOT unitn DOT it. Otherwise the best thing is to send an email directly to one of our members.

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