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Software from the Security Group in Trento

The group has made available a number of software tools that can be also found in the individual research activities.

Download and Run

  • LastPyMie (A tool for identifying the differences between build artifacts of PyPI packages and the respective source code repository) is available on Github. The paper appears on ESEC/FSE'21.
  • R-code (zip file) to generate the case controlled study for vulnerability exploitation is available for sharing. The paper appears in ACM TISSEC. The datasets are also available.
  • TestREx (a Testbed for Repeatable Exploits) is available on GitHub. Instructions on how to use are available on our wiki. The paper appears on USENIX CSET'14.
  • MalwareLab scripts for experimenting with exploit kits described in our malware_analysis are available for download (ZIP). The paper appears in Usenix CSET 2013. An additional archive with historical releases of Mozilla Firefox, Opera Browser, Adobe Flash and Adobe Reader is also available for sharing. You can follow the guidelines here to request it.
  • The Web-service for Autonomic Interactive Authorization is available as open source. The paper appears in ACM TAAS.

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