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Policy Papers and White Papers

The following overviews of European Projects were issued so far under the umbrella of the FP7 Effects+ and SecCord projects

  • The Innovation Potential of FP7 Trust & Security Projects (May 2013) PDF
  • Research and Innovation Impact of Trust & Security Programme (October 2013) .pdf
  • FP7 ICT Trust & Security Projects Handbook (April 2015)PDF

The following white papers were issued so far under the umbrella of the FP7 SecCord project:

  • Olga Gadyaskaya, Fabio Massacci. How to get better EID and Trust Services by leveraging eIDAS legislation on EU funded research results (October 2013) PDF
  • Martina De Gramnatica, Fabio Massacci. Foreword by Jakub Boratynksi. Success Stories of FP7 ICT Trust & Security Projects (April 2015) PDF

The following policy paper were issued under the umbrella of the FP7 seconomics Project

  • Martina De Gramatica, Fabio Massacci, Woohyun Shim, Alessandra Tedeschi, Julian Williams. IT Interdependence and the Economic Fairness of Cyber-security Regulations for Civil Aviation. IEEE Security and Privacy Magazine (November 2015). Authors' draft PDF. DOI
  • Fabio Massacci, Raminder Ruprai, Matthew Collison, Julian Williams. Economic Impacts of Rules-based versus Risk-based Cybersecurity Regulations in Critical Infrastructure Providers (Bulk Electricity Providers). IEEE Security and Privacy Magazine (March 2016). PDF. DOI.
  • Johannes de Haan, Fabio Massacci, Pierantonia Sterlini, Peter Bernard Ladkin, Christian Raspotnig. The Risk of Relying on a Public Communications Infrastructure. in Proc. of the 27th Safety-Critical Systems Symposium, Bristol (February 2019).PDF

The following paper was issued under the umbrella of the CyberSec4Europe Project

  • Pierantonia Sterlini, Pierantonia, Fabio Massacci, Natalia Kadenko, Tobias Fiebig, Michel van Eeten. Governance Challenges for European CyberSecurity Policies: Stakeholders Views in IEEE Security and Privacy PDF, DOI
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