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Cyber Security Education at DISI

Academic Degrees

The following courses are offered in the framework of the Cyber Security track of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT Digital) Master School programme in Trento.

Since 2017/2018 they are available as possible curriculum in the Master degree in Computer Science.

They are also available as individual courses for the Mathematics (Coding theory), Information and Communications Engineering at the University of Trento.

Industrial Training

UniTn also holds training day activities on the Common Vulnerability Scoring System for professionals. Click here for additional information.

Cyber Security track - EIT Digital Master School

Presentation of the Curriculum

The first year of the EIT Digital track on Cyber Security starts with four entry points (Rennes 1, Trento, Twente, Turku) with introductory courses on Network Security, System and Software Security, Security Management, Cryptography and Privacy. The program also offers courses in Innovation and Enterpreneurship (I&E).

The I&E Basic course provides an introduction to business and management. The Business Development Lab includes abilities to understand market survey, a business model generation process (based on business canvas), and a venture development exercise. The ICT Innovation Course is a project course (based on the concept of research canvas) where the students start with a research/technology idea and develop all steps needed to make it a product. A number of activities on ICT Innovation takes place at the EIT Digital Trento's Co-Location Center.

The CSE major offers 5 specialisations, each at a different location (ELTE, Eurecom, Renens 1, Trento, Twente, Turku). Students participating in the CSE track are offered an internship in a partner industry or research centre of the EIT Digital to work on a thesis project. Directly linked to the master thesis, there is an I&E Studies course that specifies the requirements, strategy and business plan for the selected thesis project.

Trento's specialisation is on applied security and focuses on the challenge of guaranteeing the right level of security to an application that is substantiated by empirical evidence. Our graduates should be able to

  • identify the appropriate security technology that can be deployed.
  • develop appropriate solutions for the industry scenarios of cybersecurity and citizen’s security.
  • describe and justify the benefits for such choices based on empirical results

Foundational Courses

Click on the course's name for further information.

Title Credits Year Semester Lecturer Brief Info
Introduction to Computer and Network Security6ECTS 1 1 Silvio Ranise It is an introductory course on Network and Computer Security for Students who have had no previous course in their Bachelor.
Cryptography 6ECTS 1 1 Massimiliano Sala An introductory course on symmetric and public key cryptography
Security Testing6ECTS 1 1 Mariano Ceccato Courses on software security testing and reverse engineering. It is an introductory course on software vulnerabilities and attacks.
Cyber Security Risk Assessment 6ECTS 1,2 2 Fabio Massacci Security Management and Security Risk Assessment. Requires students to work on industry case studies and sign NDAs.
Network Security 6ECTS 1 2 Bruno CrispoAn advanced course on network and web Security
Privacy and IPR6ECTS 1,2 1 Vincenzo D'Andrea, Andrea Rossato An introductory course into the intricacies of intellectual protection and privacy legislation. It is taught in cooperation with lawyers

Advanced and Eligible Courses

Title Credits Year Semester Lecturer Brief Info
Machine Learning6ECTS 1,2 1 Andrea Passerini An introductory course in Machine Learning. SandP students will conclude the course with a project on Intrusion Detection. Recommended to those who wants to continue with Cyber Data Analytics in Twente.
Multimedia Data Security6ECTS 1,2 1 Giulia BoatoThis optional course is specifically devoted to DRM, digital watermarking and digital forensics. (You need to log in with UNITN credential to see the material)
Formal Techniques for Crypto Protocol Analysis6ECTS 1,2 2 Roberto Zunino This optional course introduce formal methods for security using the Coq proof assistant.
Laboratory on Offensive Technologies 12ECTS 2 1 Not in 2018-2019 This optional course targets the development of one or more real-world exploits with actual malware.
Finite Fields and Symmetric Cryptography6ECTS 1,2 2 Massimiliano Sala An advanced course on Cryptography (follow-up course on Cryptography)
Distributed Systems 26ECTS 1,2 1 Alberto Montresor An advanced course on Distributed Systems (Byzantine Failures, blockchains)
Cryptography and Financial Technology6ECTS 2 1 Fabio Massacci, Chan Nam Ngo An advanced course on modern crypto-based Financial Technology (currencies, virtual markets) and their foundations, in cooperation with INNOPAY NL

Innovation and Enterpreneurship Courses

Click on the course's name for further information.

Title Credits Year Semester Lecturer Brief Info
Innovation and Entrepreneurship Basic 6ECTS 11Milena Soycheva An introductory course on Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Epistemology of Science
Business Development Lab 9ECTS 12Vittorino Filippas and Alessandro Rossi A laboratory course on how to make a start-up
ICT Innovation - Product Design and Development 6-9ECTS 12Fabio Massacci, Marco Fontana, Massimo Donelli A laboratory course on how to pass from a research idea to a product. The course includes credits for the students participating to the EIT Summer School
I&E Studies 6ECTS 21Maurizio Marchese The final step of the I&E Minor, to reflect on the minor and prepare your working future

Among the extra-curricular activities students can also participate to the following extra activities:

Title Effort Lecturer Brief Info
Innovation Olympics 10 hours/week in the evening Alessandro Rossi, Vittorino Filippas and other tutors from companies Students work in multidisciplinary teams under the supervision of an expert mentor and report their progress to company's top managers. Participants get a certificate of attendance and winners have access to the final exam to get the GIMI certification. NO ECTS are awarded.

Internships and Thesis Topics

The last semester (30ECTS) is normally taken by the internship at a company and the thesis. Some information on some places where students have gone.

Company Location Description
Ales-UTC Italian Subsidiary of United Technologies (US) The lab specialized in model based technologies and methodologies for the design and verification of distributed security and safety critical embedded systems. ALES-UTC competences cross several application domains, such as avionics, refrigeration and building automation. (Short Presentation))
Atlassian Australian subsidiary of Atlassian Atlassian is a leading provider of collaboration, development, and issue tracking software for teams. The Sideny team is particularly focussed on security bugs (Aka Bug Bounties).
Auxilium Cyber Security Gmbh Company based in Ettlingen (DE) Auxilium offers information security consultancy in several areas including information security management systems (ISO27001, NIST CBF) as well as technical security focusing especially on IoT, automotive and industrial security. Startup based in Trento/Rovereto (IT) helps digital health companies to solve security and regulatory compliance issues by offering a secure Backend and Database as a Service (BAAS)
Cybertrap Company based in Vienna (AT) Cybertrap specialises in deception technology for government organisations and large enterprises. It is a spin-off of SEC Consult, a leading European Cybersecurity consulting firm
Endian Company Based in Appiano and Milano (IT) Endian offers Firewalls, Unified Threat Management, IoT Security, and other Industrial Security Appliances. Mostly known for the open source Linux firewall.
FBK Applied Research Center based in Trento (IT) FBK has two major research units working on security, safety and software engineering
Quarkslab Company based in Paris (FR) Quarkslab offers services related to vulnerability research, vulnerability intelligence, reverse engineering and software and hardware security. Moreover, the company develops a software protection solution, Epona, and a file analysis platform, IRMA. They publish internship offers on their blog in autumn.
SAP AG Security Research Lab in Sofia-Antipolis (FR) The Security Team of SAP has often internship positions in a variety of topics from security testing to cloud security. They circulate two calls, one in winter for the spring semester and one in summer for the winter semester. They are normally circulated to interested students.
Others Students in the past have done their internships at Apple Inc (US) on fuzzing, Bosch (DE) on IoT Security, Ernst & Young (IT) on Network Forensics, as well as the research centres CISPA (DE) and SICS (SE) on a variety of topics. As a student you may also bring your own company.
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