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Members of the Security Group

Below you will find the current members of the Security Group in Trento, followed by the past ones.


At the Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering you can find

  • Giulia Boato working on DRM, digital watermarking and image digital forensics
  • Carlos Budde Security and Formal Methods
  • Bruno Crispo working on mobile security and authentication, keyloggers, embedded and wireless security)
  • Paolo Giorgini working on business processes security and privacy
  • Fabio Massacci who works on vulnerability assessment, empirical validation of risk and security methodologies, security economics
  • Marco Patrignani who works on programming languages security, secure compilation and formal methods.

At the Dept. of Mathematics there is also the Applied Crypto Lab which is lead by

At the Fondazione Bruno Kessler there are also groups working on security

Research Staff Members

Post-Doctoral Researchers

PhD Students

  • Elham Arshad (OAuth Secutity)
  • Luca Degani (IoT Security)
  • Michele Grisafi (IoT Security)
  • Sandeep Gupta (Biometric Authentication)
  • Ranindya Paramitha (Software Security)
  • Francesco Ciclosi
  • Matteo Golinelli (Web Security)

Research Fellows/Visiting PhD Students

  • Arusa Kanwal (Researcher, University of Torino)
  • Silvia Vidor (Research Fellow)

Visitors and Former Members


Here we include people that have visited our group for a significant period, or who are regular visitors for thesis committees or research collaboration.

  • Sandro Etalle (Prof at TU/e, Netherlands)
  • Frank Piessens (Prof at KUL, Belgium)
  • Ketil Stolen (Senior Researcher at SINTEF, Norway)
  • Julian Williams (Chair of Finance at Durham Univ., UK)

Former Members

The following people have been past members of the group.

  • Seyed Ali Mirheidari –> Principal Product Security Engineer at Splunk, USA
  • Ly Vu Duc –> Security Researcher at Forescout, NL
  • Nam Ngo Secure Distributed Transaction Systems
  • Luca Allodi –> Assistant Professor at TU/e, NL
  • Muhammad Rizwan Asghar –> Assistant Professor at The University of Auckland, NZ
  • Yudistira Dwi Wardhana Asnar –> Lecturer at Bandung Institute of Technology, ID
  • Nataliia Bielova –> Researcher at INRIA Sofia-Antipolis, FR
  • Cesar Bernardini
  • Attaullah Buriro
  • Stanislav Dashevskyi –> Senior Experts at Forescout, NL
  • Martina De Gramatica
  • Katsiaryna Labunets —> post-doc at TU Delft
  • Woohyun Shim Director of international division of KIPA
  • Nicola Dragoni –> Full Professor at DTU, Denmark
  • Olga Gadyatskaya –> Assistant Professor at Leyden University, NL
  • Gabriela Gheorghe –> Senior Expert at KPMG
  • Mihaela Ion –> Software Engineer at Google, UK
  • Hristo Koshutanski –> Senior Expert at ATOS, ES
  • Vadim Kotov –> Security Consultant San Francisco, USA
  • Gabriele Oligeri –> Researcher at University of Qatar, AE
  • Katsyarina Naliuka –> Software Engineer at Google, CH
  • Stephan Neuhaus –> Lecturer at ZHAW, CH
  • Minh Ngo –> post-doc at Stevens Institute, USA
  • Federica Paci –> Associate Professor at University of Verona, IT
  • Ida Sri Rejeki Siahaan –> Lecturer at University of New Brunswick, CA
  • Le Minh Sang Tran –> Quantitative Researcher at Yandex, VN
  • Fatih Turkmen –> Post-Doctoral Researcher at TU/e, NL
  • Artsiom Yautsiukin –> Researcher at CNR, IT
  • Nicola Zannone –> Associate Professor at TU/e, NL
  • Viet Hung Nguyen –> Software Architect at Bosch, VN
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