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Capture the Flag Activity at UNITN


We participate in the programme Cyberchallenge.IT. 2023. That means we run a training program for a selected number of students. We will have lectures in the Malware Lab. If you've been admitted you should have received an email with more details. Other info here.

Thursday from 15.00 till 17.00 and Friday from 14.00 till 18.00. The detailed schedule for this year is the following:

Day Topic
Thu. 23.02 Introduction to the program. Ethical Hacking
Fri. 24.02 Intro to CTF lab
Thu. 02.03 Web Security
Fri. 03.03 15:00-19:00 Web Security lab (with CSU Chico)
Thu. 09.03 OSINT & Forensics
Fri. 10.03 15:00-19:00 OSINT & Forensics lab (with CSU Chico)
Thu. 16.03 Web Security
Fri. 17.03 Web Security lab
Thu. 23.03 Cryptography
Fri. 24.03 Cryptography lab
Thu. 30.03 Cryptography
Fri. 31.03 Cryptography lab
Thu. 13.04 Reverse Engineering
Fri. 14.04 Reverse Engineering lab
Thu. 20.04 Reverse Engineering
Fri. 21.04 Reverse Engineering lab
Thu. 27.04 Reverse Engineering / Pwn
Fri. 28.04 Reverse Engineering / Pwn lab
Thu. 04.05 Pwn
Fri. 05.05 Pwn lab
Thu. 11.05 Pwn
Fri. 12.05 Pwn lab
Thu. 18.05 HW Security
Fri. 19.05 HW Security Lab
Thu. 25.05 trial CTF competition
Fri. 26.05 trial CTF competition

Additionally, we're teaming up with the USA National Cyber League programme. Here's the schedule of the related events.

Dates What
From 30.01 to 27.05 Gymnasium (NCL platform is open)
From 20.03 to 26.03 Practice Game (unranked)
From 31.03 to 02.04 Individual Competition
From 14.04 to 16.04 Team Competition

You can import this calendar in your own calendar application using the following link:

Statistics about UNITN participation to the competition 2020 2021 2022 2023

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