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Class Capture The Flag Contest - User Guide

Before the Contest

  1. The Team leader sends an email to [silvio dot biagioni at unitn dot it] with object “CCTF Contest Team”, including the members of the Team in the CC list of the email.
  2. An email will be sent to the Team's members, containing the time schedule of the rounds, DETERLab username and a link to set your password.
  3. The enrollment deadline is the 31th of June at 15:00.

The Rounds' dates are:

  • Level 0 and questionnaire: 1st of June
  • Level 1: 5-9th of June
  • Level 2: 12-16th of June

The Day of the Contest

  1. The Team receives the experiment ID and the list of Qualified and Physical names of their client machines. Follows an example (in which the experiment ID is exp1) of the information that will be received:
    ---------- tbreport.log --------
    Experiment: ExperCCTF1/exp1
    State: active
    Virtual Node Info:
    ID              Type         OS              Qualified Name
    --------------- ------------ --------------- --------------------
    client1         pc           Ubuntu1004-STD
    client2         pc           Ubuntu1004-STD
    server          pc                *
    Physical Node Mapping:
    ID              Type         OS              Physical    
    --------------- ------------ --------------- ------------
    client1         pc3000       Ubuntu1004-STD  pc134
    client2         pc3000       Ubuntu1004-STD  pc099
    server          pc3060             *         pc184
  2. To access your experimental nodes, you'll need to first SSH into using your DETERLab username and password. Once you log in to users, you'll need to SSH again to your actual experimental nodes. The network topology and the commands to access from the username unitn9ab to a client in the given example are described in the following picture.
  3. To query the server (in the example,, you can access it via SSH through your DETERLab account by using a command line browser (e.g., lynx Otherwise, to redirect port 80 on pc184 (which is the server in the example) to your local machine on port 8080 you would do:
     ssh -L 8080:pc184:80

    Once logged in, you should be able to access the web server on your DETER node by going to http://localhost:8080 from your local browser.

Additional Material

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