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 An experiment by Katsyarina Labunets, Fabio Massacci, Federica Paci. An experiment by Katsyarina Labunets, Fabio Massacci, Federica Paci.
-This page provides additional resources that enable replication of our work published at {{:​research_activities:​experiments:​2014-seceng:​empire-2014.pdf|EMPIRE2014}}.+This page provides additional resources that enable replication of our work published at {{:​research_activities:​experiments:​2014-seceng:​empire-2014.pdf|EmpiRE2014}}. See the [[validation_of_risk_and_security_requirements_methodologies|main page]] for our work on empirical validation of security risk assessment methods and other experiments.
 ===== Goals ===== ===== Goals =====
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-==== Supplement Materials ​==== +===== Additional Material ===== 
-During the experiment we distributed among participants two type of questionnaires:  ​ +  * For additional ​information ​on the experimental design please see the {{:​research_activities:​experiments:​2014-seceng:experiment-description.pdf|Experimental Protocol}}. 
-  * Pre-task questionnaire to collect some information ​about participants and thier background: ​{{:​research_activities:​experiments:​2013-2014-se-exp:seceng2013-2014-background.pdf|Q1}}. +  * For privacy reasons, at the beginning ​of the experiment a  ​{{:​research_activities:​experiments:​2014-seceng:consent-form-security-engineering.pdf|Consent Form }} was administered to participants
-  * Post-task questionnaire to collect participants'​ perception ​of methods: ​{{:​research_activities:​experiments:​2013-2014-se-exp:seceng2013-2014-post-task-questionnaire.pdf|Q2}}. +  * To protect ​the confidentiality of the training materials provided, participants were asked to sign a {{:​research_activities:​experiments:​2014-seceng:2014-trento-securityengineering-nda.docx|Non-Disclosure Agreement 
-For individual interview we used the following interview guide: ​{{:​research_activities:​experiments:​2013-2014-se-exp:​seceng2013-2014-interviewguide.pdf|guide}}.+ }}. 
 +  * Participants'​ results have been assessed by methods and domain experts ({{:​research_activities:​experiments:​2014-seceng:​evaluation_score_template.xlsx|Evaluation Score Sheet}}) 
 +**Data collected during the experiment are available upon request.**
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